Blue Bamboo - Exceptionally affordable transaction technology for the world (PocketPOS™ P200, P25 Printer, H50A Terminal etc.)
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Geographic Markets

For more information, you are encouraged to contact Blue Bamboo authorized partners, processors, and resellers in Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Emerging Markets

In these countries, merchants face unique environments that are different than in the developed world.

The Blue Bamboo transaction terminals meet the needs of this market:

Batteries – They operate on batteries so power grid reliability is not a big issue.
Environmental standards – They are designed to meet stringent temperature and humidity standards, while maintaining a long life.
Wireless communications – The terminals support the GPRS mobile phone technology.
Multiple applications and languages – The terminals support multiple applications and languages in a secure environment.
Competitive price – Blue Bamboo terminals have superior quality at an affordable price.

For more information about our terminals, please refer to the products section or contact us .


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