PocketPOS Print

P25i-M Bluetooth Printer with Magnetic Stripe Reader

Ideal For...

Mobile Merchants; Real Estate Renting; Housekeeping; Traveling Sales, Transportation/delivery, mobile ID Validation, Hospitality; Line-Busting; Citation Printing, Mobile Marketing/Coupons; Mobile Banking; Ticketing; any forms of Receipt printing; etc.

Product Features

  • Designed for anyone who needs paper receipts
  • Totally free Applications available on iTunes and Google
  • Compatible with P25 and P10 Receipt/Bluetooth Printer
  • Applicable to Mobile merchants, such as: direct sales representatives, contractors, couriers, and taxi/limo drivers, mobile payment, mobile banking, transportation, hospitality and other solutions


Users have access to a form editor, which provides literal text, stored fields and on-the-fly fields. To printusers only need to enter information in the on-the-fly fields.

Designed for Developers

With PocketPOS's free source code, developers can drastically cut development costs, increase speed to market, and be confident that their application will be highly secure. Also, you are free to modify the source code in any way you see fit to meet your market requirements. Blue Bamboo has done the work of developing the front end and security portion of the application and awaits you to integrate the application into the gateway or processor of your choice.