P10 Mobile Printer (Mobile, Receipt & Bluetooth Printer)

PocketPOS P10 Receipt Printer

Ideal For...

Traveling Sales, Transportation/delivery, mobile ID Validation, Line-Busting applications, Mobile Receipt Printer, Delivery Verification, Citation Printing, Mobile Marketing/Coupons

Product Features

  • Portable receipt anytime, anywhere
  • Supports Bluetooth, USB charging
  • Apple MFi certification
  • Fast, reliable, durable and lightweight design
  • Shirt pocket size
  • Works with smartphones, PDAs and laptops

Lightweight and Portable

Designed for many types of application printing, the lightweight and portable PocketPOS P10 provides reliable, low-cost printing in mobile and wireless environments.

Reliable Printing Operation

Manufactured for mobility and POS receipt printing, the PocketPOS P10 is built for demanding applications where reliability and performance are a priority.

Ergonomic Modular Design

The PocketPOS P10 mobile printer is the smallest foot print Bluetooth printer in the market with a weight of under 8 ounces.

Flexible Application Interface

The robust PocketPOS P10 supports mobile application printing over Bluetooth, which maximizes the return on investment. Fully backwards compatible with P25 series of printers.

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