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       Blue Bamboo offers help for solution providers and application developers to adopt mobile payment technology

Shanghai, China ( June 30th, 2015 -- Blue Bamboo, an innovative electronic payment solution provider today announces that Blue Bamboo continues to offer worldwide mobile payment solutions. Blue Bamboo's P25 series of printers, P10 low-cost receipt printer and P200 multi-functional payment devices are all ideal to innovating mobile payment environments.

As mobile technology continues to expand, the growth of mobile-payment systems across continents are skyrocketing at an astounding rate, and the number of payments being made through mobile applications is also increasing. For Example: according to the large global bank, HSBC, due to accelerated smartphone penetration, mobile payments in India are expected to reach $100 billion in 18 months. One of the leading marketing technology companies recently published a mobile commerce report, revealing that mobile makes up nearly half of UK e-commerce transactions. In Africa, only 3?percent of people in the entire continent had mobile phones in 2002; but by 2010, that had increased to 48 percent. Last year, 70 percent of the continent's population had a mobile phone and the number is still climbing.

In addition, Fortumo recently published a White Paper, giving an overview of the mobile payments landscape in Latin America. The percentage of mobile payments from October 2014 to March 2015 in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela and Chile are 61.04%; 88.15%; 58.66%; 55.85%; 80.25%, 24.67% and 59.52% respectively. China's sophisticated mobile payment market has helped drive internet traffic to mobile devices. In a recent report that published by an American solution provider showed that the number of people making mobile payments will grow from 8% of US population in 2014 to 65% in 2019. Blue Bamboo research and development is mindful of these trends and continues to lead with payment peripheral products, application SDK's, mobile utilities and necessary certifications and standards. One Indian customer stated: "Blue Bamboo has tackled the myriad of problems that I need solved to deliver payment solutions in my market.The covered the alphabet soup of this square and apple crazed marketplace. They give us MSR, Chip and pin, physical receipt, email receipt, tickets, barcode receipt, Bluetooth, wifi, GPRS, EMV, PCI, contactless, iOS, MFi, Android and the list goes on and on."

Mobile payments have a series of benefits for businesses: 1) will attract more new customers at more businesses; 2) low cost and less overhead; 3) sell anything anytime anywhere; 4) mobile communication is cheaper. These facts coupled with the vast improvement of communication infrastructure and substantial increase of smart device proliferation is directly affecting the increased need for mobile payment/printing delivery.

Mobile Payments have gone from almost an oddity, just a few years ago, to a mature and widely accepted way of making and accepting payments. We all have become accustomed to conducting our business on mobile devices and payments are not an exception. Technological developments such as end-to-end encryption and tokenization as well as adoption of older ones such as EMV are cementing consumers and merchants confidence on mobile devices as safe and reliable means of running transactions. 

Blue Bamboo's P25 series of printers (P25 & P25M), P10 low-cost receipt printer and P200 multi-functional payment device all seamlessly pair with smart devices, such as: iPad, iPhone, Samsung smartphones and tablets, etc. These devices are ideal for mobile solutions. P10 can fit for mobile printing needs, while P200 could also enable EMV transaction as a peripheral devices. Blue Bamboo supported a solution cycle for new P200 that included with a substantial platform provider and global telco company to deliver on a several thousand deployment in multiple latin american countries. Moreover, we have concerted effort to work with large processing platforms in the US and other global telecommunication companies that involved in mobile payments.

Blue Bamboo offers free software development kit (SDK) for solutions providers and application developers to develop mobile applications. Additionally, we provide well built technical support, RMA to support those solution providers and hardware distributors directly now. Learn more about Blue Bamboo's hardware at



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Blue Bamboo designs and markets feature-rich and exceptionally affordable POS terminal products enabling mobile payment acceptance anywhere, anytime. Blue Bamboo's robust electronic payment technology delivers scalable, customer-centric wireless and retail payment solutions that meet PCI and EMV standards in a secure, reliable and versatile design.

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