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Shanghai, China ( Apr 16th, 2015 - Blue Bamboo announced that Blue Bamboo delivered its best shareholder return in 2014 since being formed. Since establishing as a company 10 years ago, Blue Bamboo has been providing simple, reliable and affordable payment devices to solution providers worldwide. Blue Bamboo was the first to market over eight years ago with a comprehensive configurable POS device that supported MSR, Chip and Pin, and contactless transaction types and the choice for Bluetooth, Ethernet or GPRS communication. Four years ago the company innovated with a decision to be the first payment printer to adopt and support the Apple MFi (Made for iOS) program. These choices formed the foundation for success at Blue Bamboo.




In 2014, Blue Bamboo experienced success in revenue and units sold that matched 2 prior years.  Blue Bamboo is a private company and does not disclose specific financial data. However, the record year for shareholder return stemmed from changes to its operations focus and return to focus on core assets. The margins improved substantially. Blue Bamboo eliminated poor performing assets and recommitted to the success of it payment printer line up and released the P10. Blue Bamboo also reinvested in the P200 product and has positioned it will for the continued demand for EMV payment devices.  

Tough but justified decisions on 5 discontinued products and several R+D efforts aimed exclusive to the Chinese market resulted in 2014. Blue Bamboo instead reinvested for future products that fit into the core product line up and will be announcing products and solutions for the EMV, payment printer, contactess paypass and paywave markets in latter 2015 and 2016.  

Blue Bamboo achieved a very balanced revenue mix internationally in 2014 (25% Europe, 25% Africa, 25% China, 25% Americas). Instead of a deep focus on the Chinese market, the company made significant inroads into other international markets. By matching the product development investment to the best market returns available globally, the company expects more growth from international markets not only in terms of percentage of revenue, but in helping to grow revenue volume overall.  Justin Anderson, CEO of parent OpenPay and Blue Bamboo said: "we are positioning ourselves to execute on a revenue doubling and then finding our niche to an S-curve of growth for our shareholders."

Blue Bamboo has innovated on many fronts from product development down to its method of distribution. To increase the real gauges on customer support and quality, Blue Bamboo has been selling and supporting equipment directly to solution providers. With RMA rates well under 2% and the global economy becoming much smaller and easily localized through shipping and logistics options, Blue Bamboo has managed to decrease the cost of repairs and quicken the pace of product development through direct customer interaction. Blue Bamboo continues to support more traditional distribution and product injection options by customer request too. Lastly, Blue Bamboo has also made considerable strides to improve manufacturing quality through improved outsource decisions and vendor management strategies that support the overall strategy for core asset focus and doubling future revenue growth.

About Blue Bamboo
Blue Bamboo designs and markets feature-rich and exceptionally affordable products for the POS terminal and peripherals industry. Blue Bamboo's robust electronic payment technology delivers customer-centric wireless and retail payment solutions which meet PCI and EMV standards all in a secure, reliable and versatile design. For more information, please visit

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Potter Yang
Marketing Manager



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