Case Study

P25 in Miura PinPad solution
P25 Mini Datasheet
P200 Restaurant Payment Solution
P200 for Chain retailing store Self checkout solution
Motel Self-Check in/out Solution
E-Agricultural and Logistics Solution
QR code printing for Funfair admission
New Mobile Payment Printing in Ferry
P10 Food delivery printing solution
US Entertainment and tourism Mobile payment solution
Standalone P200 in world fastest train
P10 in European Cup stadium
Restaurant kitchen order sequence printing
Out-Patient Registration Solution
Bus Ticketing Solution 2 Case Study (Bluetooth P200)
Taxi Solution Case Study (Bluetooth P200)
Banking Solution Case Study (Bluetooth P200)
Mobile Merchant EMV Solution Case Study (P200)
Casino Solution Case Study (Bluetooth P200)
Bus Ticketing Solution Case Study (Bluetooth P200)
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