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Merchants Corner
Blue Bamboo sells a long line of products through distributors, VARs and Solution providers. The P25i is the perfect complement to mobile merchant solutions where card information is swiped or input using a different method (ie. Audio jack swiper) but customers need a printed receipt. Blue Bamboo is now making these printers available directly to merchants that already have a swiper but no printer option from their solution provider. Blue  Bamboo is excited to offer this solution to the market and also expects new and useful adaptations of the flexible features. Check back for case studies. Order fulfillment may differ by geography.
PocketPOS™ P25i

Blue Bamboo’s PocketPOS™ P25i Printer is the Apple MFi approved Bluetooth Printer that is used in mobile payment, mobile banking, transportation, hospitality and other solutions.

P25i printer can not only seamlessly pair with Apple iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch; but also with Android smart phones and tablets, Blackberry and J2ME mobile devices.

With the newly launched PocketPOS™ Print Application on iTunes, customers can use the P25i printer to print physical receipts, coupons, bar codes, logos, slogans, signatures, small agreements, etc.

Product Name: PocketPOS P25i
Price: $269.00
Shipping Amt: $20.00 (shipping is 10 business days)
Quantity: 1
Currency: USD

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